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President Tony Rossi
Club President Tony Rossi

Well we made it through another month. it seems the winter months tend to drag a little. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a few brave members went out to the field and actually flew off of the snow. Very cool!

Just a reminder the FAA rules go in effect on February 16, 2016 so make sure if you are at the field you have your FAA permit and FAA identification on your airplane or Quad. Remember the local Police are enforcing the FAA regs not the Park Rangers. Another point is that the Somerset Parks Recreation Manager, Karen Newman, can see our field and the fliers, from her window, so don't do anything stupid to distract her or give her cause to call me. Last time she called there was a flier constantly flying over the park building. She was nice enough to call me to handle it rather than have the flier ejected from the park. So again, keep your models and Quads within the field, AMA and FCC rules and Regulations.

At the last meeting we discussed changes to the rules of our "Winter Expo" that takes place at the April meeting. It was decided that any model is eligible no matter if it has been entered before, or flown. The only stipulation is that it hasn't won before, so I expect to see a bunch of models at the next EXPO. There will be two categories, ARF and Kit/Scratch Built, and we will award prizes for each.

I went to the park headquarters to pay for my permit and discuss the status of first, the new rules concerning Drones on our field, and second, our visitor policy.

As far as the rules go, I was told the park, in lieu of the new changes from the FAA, will be updating the rules and posting them themselves on our board. I hope this happens so we can have some direction from the park. I will be following this and hope to give you an update as soon as the new rules become available.

Next, the procedure for bringing down a visitor to our field is as follows:

  • The sponsor pilot is to call the park, Michelle Battio, at 908-722-1200 ext: 236.
  • She will then ask for the AMA, FAA registration numbers, dates needed, Name, address of the guest and a phone number to reach either you or your guest in case there are any questions
  • She will ask you to provide an email address to sent the permission certificate to. The email can be yours or the guest.
  • She will check on line if the AMA is up to date then issue the certificate through the provided email.

  • If you don't have an email address you must make an arrangement to pick up the certificate unless you know you are bringing a guest a while in advance. In that circumstance she will mail it to you. The major change is that you don't have to go to the park, fill out the application for a visitor, submit it, have the park review and approve it, then mail it to you, have you sign it then return it to the park. Michelle and I felt this was a very inefficient way of doing business. She will notify the park rangers we have guests and they may check on it so please follow these procedures.

    I know a bunch of us attended the Atom RCers flea market over the weekend. Thanks to Barry and his crew it was a very nice and well organized event. I love events that break up the dull winter months.

    As you know February 26, 27 and 28 is the WRAM show in the Meadowlands. Here is your opportunity to see some cool new items and get some good deals.. You can meet your AMA and FAA representatives and ask any questions you have with respect to AMA/FAA business face to face. The AMA has been working with the Congress to more clearly define what a "Line of Sight" model airplane is compared to a Drone/Quad FPV. The reason is to define the difference for the FAA so they don't come up with any more restrictions on us.

    Well, that's all I have this month hope to see you at the February meeting on Feb. 23rd.

    "Keep em Flyin"

    SSS President
    AMA District II AVP

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