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President Tony Rossi
Club President Tony Rossi

Another subject that we discussed at the March meeting was the instructor pilots. The club agreed that any pilot that has been flying for over 2 years and feels comfortable can take up a student pilot if they are asked. This elevates the problem of our students having a small window to practice. As club members and accomplished flyers all of us should be able to assist a student in gaining some flight time to assist them with their Solo test. documentation on student requirements is available on our web page if you need some reference material. All students should arrange to have a buddy box handy if needed unless they are advanced enough to just require a solo pilot to stand with them while they fly. Any questions contact Tony Rossi "".

An important issue was raised by the Park about how to control and what is the role of multi rotor aircraft like quad copters and drones. I will take it one step further and include FPV(First Person View) models. Members of our executive board met with the park on Monday and discussed the problem extensively. Some background on the subject is that the National Park Service is considering setting aside special areas like our own flying field for any drones/multi rotor aircraft. There is an extensive article in the March edition of "Parks & Recreation" about how much of a nuisance the drones have become so the parks need to set up some controls. They realize they are not going away in the near future and will only be expanding their capabilities.

The Somerset Park Commission is trying to get a clear picture of what kind of a problem they can potentially become. As of now all un tethered aircraft are banned from flying in any county park except for North Branch on our R/C field. They don't want to completely ban them from our field but need some guidance. we were able to show Karren what a quad is and explain what it could do. She requested we update the park rules to reflect the inclusion of Quads/FPV and other multi rotor aircraft. the executive board members helped her update the rules to reflect a responsible use of the Quads/FPV and multi rotor aircraft. This will be presented to the park commission this month for approval. some of the changes are:

  • All aircraft, Multi Rotor, FPV and Drones must have an AMA and park permit to fly at our field.
  • All will fly within the constraints of the flying field.
  • Quads may fly in the helicopter area one at a time until the achieve their "P".
  • We will allow one Quad/multi rotor aircraft or helicopter to fly on the main runway at one time.
  • All FPV will fly with a spotter next to them and must stay within the boundaries of the flying field.
  • These are just some of the changes we made to the rules. Other minor changes dealt with the fixed wing aircraft.

    As I said in the beginning this was a very busy month.

    Well that's it for now see ya at the May meeting.

    Tony Rossi

    "Keep em Flyin"

    2015 Officers Elected

    The Somerset Signal Senders Officers for 2015 were elected at the November club meeting.

    2015 Club Officers
    2015 Club Officers (l to r) Dave Szabo (Treasurer), Michael Ahiff (Member-At-Large), Jim Vigani (Vice President), Tony Rossi (President), Dave Rollino (Past President), John Samtak (Secretary)

    Congratulations to all of our officers!


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