President's Corner

President Tony Rossi
Club President Tony Rossi

Hi Everyone, it looks like 2015 was a really good year for the club. We have several new members, the contests were all successful, and the best thing is that the flying season was extended through December with some really good weather.

The holiday party was a blast. Thanks to Dave Szabo for arranging the party, John Samtak for keeping the presents at his house and doing a great job wrapping them, Felipe for helping out, Larry and Doc for providing us with some memorable video moments, Dave Rollino for the Club Cake, and yours truly for a really good slide show.

This year we are looking forward to another great flying season. The only thing we need to work on is cutting down the notches on the fatality board. For any members that don't know about the board on the frequency box, every time someone crashes an airplane that is beyond repair they place a notch on the fatality board. I think we had 79 fatal crashes last year, so you can take it one of two ways:

  • We had a bunch of activity at the field which is great!
  • Some of the pilots have forgotten how to fly?

  • Anyway, I know everyone had a great time and I thank the park for taking care of the field for us.

    This year I believe we have another issue to deal with and that is the FAA registration. I sent an email out directing anyone who wants to register to an attached link. It seems that the AMA despite all its efforts to block the registration or at least include it in our AMA number has been put on the back burners by the FAA. At this time we are instructed to register by the AMA and they will keep fighting for our rights.

    The Park has issued a new requirement for a flying permit, we now need a current FAA registration number. I was told they were instructed by the local police department that this will be required to operate an R/C model at the park and anywhere the FAA has jurisdiction over the airways. Well I guess that really doesn't leave much choice. Stay tuned for any updates.

    On another note, the Executives will be meeting on issues raised by members concerning safety, instruction and the new schedule of events for 2016. Just a reminder:

    The consumption of alcohol at the field is not allowed. As everyone knows any alcohol other than in your fuel is prohibited at the park. So unless you plan on drinking your fuel, you should not bring any alcohol to the field.

    In closing, thanks again to everyone that helped at the events and made it a great 2015.

    Well until next time
    Tony Rossi

    "Keep em Flyin"

    SSS President
    AMA District II AVP

    2016 Officers Elected

    The Somerset Signal Senders Officers for 2016 were elected at the November club meeting.

    2016 Club Officers
    2016 Club Officers (l to r) Dave Szabo (Treasurer), Jim Vigani (Vice President), Tony Rossi (President), Felipe Trucco (Member-At-Large), John Samtak (Secretary)

    Congratulations to all of our officers!


    Club Meeting is January 26th

    Atoms RC Flea Market February 6th

    Presidents Day February 15th

    WRAM Show February 26th - 28th

    February Club Meeting is February 23rd

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    Kite Eating Tree

    Stuck In A Tree?

    Have you lost a plane in one of the trees at the field? Can't get it down?

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