President's Corner

President Tony Rossi
Club President Tony Rossi

Wow what a month!!! The weather went from desert heat to a really nice San Francisco day. We had a lot happen this month. As everyone knows it was chock full of events. I think from last time I did a President's Corner we have had an Electric Fun Fly, Control Line Event, Drone Event, and most recently, our annual Warbirds Event. Wow!!!! Chock full of action! Well the good thing is that we only have one event in September, our "Big Bird Fly-In". The club has decided to change the wing span requirements from the usual 80" to only 72". This should allow some more airplanes of around the 30cc size to participate in the event.

Coming up is the Rheinbeck, NY Aerodrome model fly in on September 12th and 13th. If you haven't been before it is a really nice experience. The aerodrome is in Rheinbeck, NY and it is chock full of WWI and pre WWI airplanes flyable and not. Once a year they invite modelers to come on up and fly their pre WWI and WWI models. Some of these models are magnificent. Also, they have a full scale flying demo in the afternoon. These are restored, full scale replicas of the airplanes and they sound and look great. Sunday is the best day when they fly the WWI Warbirds . Anyway I hope some of you can go as it really is cool.

The park has been right on with us when it comes to checking permits. just remember don't put yourself in harms way if someone acts stupid out there. Just call a Ranger and let them handle it. We have had very good results when a Ranger has been called. The number is posted on the kiosk and it's on the backs of your membership cards.

Some modelers are concerned with outside clubs and people scheduling events at the park. Let us remember we do not own the field and for the few times it happens I'm sure we can live with it.

When you want to do low passes on the field as a courtesy please try and do them more towards the middle and not by the line where the flight stations are. Some members find this distracting so a little courtesy is in order. Also if there are other aircraft in the air and you want to do a low pass, please announce it so they can stay out of your way. Our members are a really fun bunch and are very courteous to other flyers.

For Sale - Bill Bloom is moving and needs to sell his models and radio equipment. He has a large assortment of different airplanes, radios and tools he would like to sell. if interested give him a call at: 908-232-0752. He is in Mountainside.

Well until next time
Tony Rossi

"Keep em Flyin"

SSS President
AMA District II AVP

2015 Officers Elected

The Somerset Signal Senders Officers for 2015 were elected at the November club meeting.

2015 Club Officers
2015 Club Officers (l to r) Dave Szabo (Treasurer), Jim Vigani (Vice President), Tony Rossi (President), Felipe Trucco (Member-At-Large), John Samtak (Secretary)

Congratulations to all of our officers!


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2015 Events Calendar Updated

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